• Description

氫氣燃料電池實驗組 是一個實驗性系統的氫能源的組件。它適用於學校的教學(中間和綜合學校,高中,職業學校),以及用於實驗目的。實驗材料的範圍允許進行實驗用於從水以及用於能源生產通過PEM燃料電池的電解生產氫氣。

·         材料在一個特殊手提箱明確放置,總是完全在另一方面,沒有另外的材料需要

·         高品質的元件

·         快速裝配和實驗的拆卸

·         模塊化的實驗中,插入教室根據需要可能

·         易於遵循同為教師的背景資料的實驗說明和解決方案



  • Lift ground plate and remove from the case lid. Position electrolyser, gas tank and fuel cell
  • Insert 12V plug and network cable – depending on experiment, place measuring devices and experiment boxes in the holding frames and wire up
  • Put system into operation

Using the easy-to-understand instructions, the pupils can be introduced to the technology independently; for the teacher, lesson suggestions, further background information and the experiment solutions are provided.

  1. Adjustable current supply for the electrolyser
  2. Electrolyser, gas tank and fuel cell
  3. Ground plate with holding frame for the measuring devices and experiment boxes