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960 FPS 高精度擷取、提供高速度低延遲、高精準度數據。






Advantages of the Impulse X2 System

  • Real-time tracking of multiple subjects & objects
  • Patented active marker technology eliminates marker-swapping for cleaner data
  • Solid, precise motion data with sub-millimeter resolution
  • Streamlined operation means a single person can setup and run the system
  • Portable system enabling indoor and outdoor motion capture
  • 960Hz capture rate accurately tracks the fastest motions
  • Stream motion data directly into third-party software such as MotionBuilder, JACK, Visual3D, etc…

Flexible, Scalable and Powerful

  • Capture up to 8 human subjects (body and fingers), more with multiple systems
  • Track very high speed motion at up to 960 frames per second
  • Capture spaces can be anywhere from 8’x8′ to 50’x50′, even larger with overlapping camera setups or multiple systems
  • Easy, smooth set up and operation
  • Scales from 2 cameras to 48+ cameras
  • Unsurpassed customer service and support
  • Used by demanding, high-profile customers including NASA, Naval
  • Research Lab, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Disney, Harmonix, University of Cambridge, Stanford, and UC Berkeley


感謝宏碁使用PhaseSpace 系統 、打入全球最大的杜拜VR樂園 。 圖:李建樑攝

唯一能夠激烈、摔、打、跳 3D動作捕捉系統