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Consensys GSR by Shimmer is available to individuals, researchers and corporate R&D departments that seek to monitor physical activity and emotional arousal. Consensys is designed for:

·       Adaptive human data collection.

·       Rapid design and prototyping of wireless solutions.

·       Rapid semi-automated data collection.

·       Synchronization of multiple Shimmer devices.

·       Access to raw and clinically validated data.

Consensys GSR allows users to capture:

·       Photoplethysmography (PPG).

·       Continuous Heart Rate (Heart Rate Variability, Stress, Relaxation).

·       Electrodermal Activity (EDA).

·       Skin conductance i.e. Galvanic Skin Response (Arousal, Excitement).

·       3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gryroscope, 3-axis magnetometer & integrated altimeter.


Shimmer Embedded Features

·       Wireless and robust body worn sensors.

·       Raw and clinically relevant output of inertial and biophysical data, simultaneously.

·       Clear status and activity indication.

·       Accurate inter-sensor synchronisation.

·       Synchronisation with complimentary systems via real-time clock configuration.

·       Quick snap straps for rapid set up.

·       Simple and intuitive unified graphical software for Windows.

·       Downstream USB port for dock chaining and future peripherals.

·       Designed for ease of use in research projects, repeatable clinical trials, system integration and product development.