• Description

This trainer is designed for the in-depth study of vapour-compression cycle.

It enables to vary the load conditions of condenser and of evaporator, to use alternative devices for gas expansion, to handle successfully unexpected operating situations, such as the block of the refrigerant flow or a wrong gas charge inside the circuit.

Students can become familiar with the refrigerant pressure-enthalpy diagram and evaluate the heat balances corresponding to the different cycle components, by using the set of industrial instruments of the equipment.

Plant starting and safety devices intervention checking
Studying the operation of a thermostatic expansion valve
Analyzing the system behaviour versus the variation of:
- expansion device
- superheat (when the thermostatic expansion valve is used)
- air fl ow rate at condenser and/or evaporator
- refrigerant charge into the system
Plotting the cycle in the refrigerant pressure-enthalpy diagram
Data acquisition and calculation of:
thermostatic valve superheat
- heat balances corresponding to evaporator, condenser,compressor
- refrigerant mass fl ow
- ideal and actual EER
- volumetric compression effi ciency
Troubleshooting of system and of its components