• Description

This real component-based trainer provides students and instructors with the opportunity to demonstrate and investigate the operation of a functional automotive air conditioning system. The trainer is designed to allow access to the vacuum system and electrical system, as well as provide the opportunity to understand the processes involved with system evacuation and charging.

The unit features a dashboard control system and has a single-phase electric motor that drives the a/c compressor. Special sight glasses are fitted to the high-pressure and low-pressure pipes to allow the student to see the two states of the refrigerant. It is possible to use the unit with an industrial standard recharging station, allowing the student to service the entire air conditioning system.

Typical practical tasks include:

  • Air conditioning trainer familiarisation
  • Identify A/C components and operation
  • Investigate A/C trainer operation
  • Identify refrigerant types
  • Conduct an A/C system performance test
  • Verify correct operation and maintenance of refrigerant handling equipment
  • Identify and recover A/C system refrigerant
  • Evacuate and charge A/C system