• Description

可結合量測 ECG、EEG、EMG、Respiration&Motion





Blood Pressure Cuff

Measures human systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Electronic Breadboard Kit

A kit which allows students to design their own circuits for electronic input into the BioRadio

Force Plate

Measures forces generated while stepping or jumping

Hand Dynamometer

Strain-gage isometric dynamometer that measures grip strength

Nasal/Oral Thermocouple

Monitors respiration through changes in temperature

Piezo-Electric Respiratory Effort Belt

Measure respiration by recording chest or abdominal expansion and contraction

Pulse Oximeter Finger Clip Sensor

Measure blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate


Measures respiration, flow rate and lung volume.

GSR Sensor

Measures galvanic skin response

RIP Band

Respiratory Inductance Plesthysmography band that monitors respiration and lung volume through chest expansion/contraction.

Push Button Event Marker

Hardware push button held by subject or researcher to create event markers in software file

Skin Temperature Sensor

Measure subject temperature on surface of the skin