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Electromagnetic Levitation System

The electromagnetic levitation system controls the magnetic field generated by an electromagnet to levitate a small magnet in midair. The small magnet levitates in the air indefinitely without any disturbance. The vertical position of the levitating magnet is measured using a linear Hall effect sensor and the current in the electromagnet is controlled using a microcontroller. The system has three push buttons to adjust the vertical position of the levitating magnet and to apply a sinusoidal, square or sawtooth reference signal.

The magnetic levitation system is available as a kit or fully assembled unit. The system works with both the 1/2" N42 sphere magnet and 1/2" x 1/8" N42 disc magnet (or three disc magnets stuck together). This is a great science fair project for students. It is recommended for ages 12 and up.



Air gap: ~ 0.75" (2.0 cm)

Supply voltage: 7.5 - 12 V

Supply current: ~ 50 mA

Size: ~ 2.5" x 2.5" x 6.0" (6.35 cm x 6.35 cm x 15.24 cm)

Weight: ~ 1.0 lb (0.5 kg)


Basic Kit

    All electrical and mechanical parts (comes with a disc magnet)

    Detailed assembly and operating instructions including the circuit schematic (electronic copy via email)

    Requires a 7.5 V power adapter (not included) or a 9 V battery (not included)

    A suitable power adapter is available below

    Please visit the Components page if you would like to order a sphere magnet as well

    All components are tested before shipment

    Some components are sensitive to static electricity and excessive heat, and may be damaged if not handled properly

    Assembling the unit requires basic soldering skills

    If you do not have any soldering experience, please consider buying the assembled unit