• Description

• Ideal for student use and classroom demonstrations
• For comprehensive analysis of the stresses and strains in a thin-walled cylinder, under internal
• Introduces stress and strain, and how to measure and analyse them
• Includes experiments to find Young’s modulus and Poisson’s ratio
• Closed-end and open-end conditions to allow circumferential or biaxial stress tests
• High-quality electrical-resistance precision strain gauges measure cylinder strains
• Includes built-in microprocessor-controlled display of strain measurements
• Mounted on a sturdy base, to form a compact product ideal for use on a workbench
• Self-contained, hand-operated hydraulic pressurising system for accurate pressure control
• Completely self-contained – needs no other parts

Nett dimensions and weight: 715 mm x 370 mm x 380 mm
and 30 kg
Approximate packed dimensions and weight
0.25 m3 and 41 kg
Oil: Shell Tellus S2 M32 or equivalent
(supplied with 500 mL spare)
Cylinder and reservoir capacity: Approximately 2 litres
Cylinder material: Aluminium alloy
Pressure: Displayed by Bourdon gauge, with output for
Strain: Measured by electrical resistance gauges and
displayed digitally, with output for VDAS®