• Description

• Fundamental and accurate test instrument to test single springs and springs in series and parallel
• Tests springs and finds their properties – good for mechanical workshops and classroom use
• Includes a set of different springs to compare spring rates and effect of different spring sizes
• Wide range and variety of experiments
• Supplied with user guide which includes theory, experiments and results
• Easy-to-use, compact instrument that fits on a small bench or desktop
• Ideal for groups of students or classroom demonstrations
• Includes two sets of masses to work with many different springs

730 mm high x 310 mm wide x 250 mm front to back
Nett weight:
5 kg (without masses, hangers and springs)
Approximately 9 kg with masses, hangers and springs
Packed weight:
Approximately 15 kg
Packed volume:
Approximately 0.12 m3
Set of springs:
21 different springs: Two identical springs for parallel tests,
and a range of springs with rates of 20 N/m to 140 N/m
Two sets:
One set of 10 g masses to give 10 g to 500 g (including
the 10 g hanger)
One set of 100 g masses to give 100 g to 1 kg (including
the 100 g hanger)
Hooks and parallel hanger brackets:
Five hooks and two parallel hanger brackets