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Velmex UniSlide Group. UniSlide linear slides and stages are compact, delivering maximum travel in the shortest amount of work space. UniSlide Logo

Velmex UniSlide® Assemblies are available in a variety of configurations, models and sizes including Linear Slide Assemblies, Elevating Tables and XY Tables. All available as manually-operated or motor-driven stages. Linear UniSlides have a load capacity up to 400 lbs horizontally and 100 lbs vertically with travel distances to 42". UniSlide Elevating Tables and XY Tables can lift up to 100 lbs.

UniSlide Manually-OperatedUniSlide Motor-Driven

Velmex BiSlides BiSlide Logo

Velmex BiSlide® Assembly's modular design makes it highly configurable for a multitude of different motion-control applications. A several models including free motion and lead-screw available both manually-operated and motor-driven. BiSlide Assemblies have a load capacity of 300 lbs. horizontally. BiSlide configurations come in travel lengths up to 80". The Belt-Drive BiSlide can travel 228".

Manually-Operated BiSlideMotor-Driven BiSlides

Velmex offers several pre-configured specialized BiSlide systems including the Side Knob BiSlide, Parallel-coupled BiSlides and Belt-Driven BiSlides.

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XSlide™ is a compact positioning stage for smaller loads and ideal for limited space applications, highly suitable for either high performance incrementing or scanning functions. Travel lengths up to 30 inches. The assemblies have a load capacity of 35 lbs. horizontally.

Manually-Operated XSlidesMotor-Driven XSlide

Rotary Systems

Velmex Rotary Tables Rotary Stages Logo

Robust, fast and smooth turning performance from Velmex Rotary Tables and Turntables. Two sizes of rotary tables with varying gear ratios are available both manually-operated and motor-driven. The largest Rotary Table has a load capacity up to 200 lbs.

Manual Rotary TablesMotor-Drive Rotary Tables

Velmex Turntable
Velmex turntables

Simple, easy manual rotating motion with Velmex Turntables. The Velmex Turntables can handle horizontal payloads to 200 lbs.

Manually Operated Turntable

Pre-configured Systems
UniSlide Tables UniSlide Logo

Velmex offers a number of it's stages already pre-configured for specific applications. These include UniSlide XY and Elevating Tables with large bases and payload plates. Also available is our globally-recognized Tree Ring Measuring system using Velmex UniSlide® linear stages and our concrete void analyzing (Petrography) system using either UniSlide® or BiSlide® Assemblies.

XY TablesElevating Tables

Tree Ring System at University  
Petrographic System BiSlide Logo

Tree Ring SystemPetrography

Velmex Controls
Velmex Controls Velmex Controls Logo

Velmex Controls include VXM™ Controllers for easy control of single or multi-axis systems and VRO™ Readouts for ultra-precise position information. AC and DC motors; and linear, magentic and rotary encoders are also available.

MotorsVXM Controller


EncodersVRO Readout