• Description

What is VideoSyncPro

VideoSyncPro is a software program to record multiple videos in sync, through a simple network connection. 

It can synchronize other equipment in your lab, assuring thatvideo + data from other systems can be analyzed in in sync later.

The resulting video files are stored in an international standardized format, meaning they can be used for further analysis immediately, without any format conversion.

VideoSyncPro's Benefits

If you have ever tried recording different video camera views in sync, you know that this is far from easy. Especially if you want to make sure, the videos are still in sync after a long recording time.

Additionally, if other data acquisition systemsshould be recorded in sync to your video streams, how would you connect those devices to your cameras and recording equipment?

With VideoSyncPro you can do all of this.

  • Record various video streams in sync
  • Record lip-sync audio
  • Synchronize third party devices
  • Preview video and audio
  • Remote control cameras with the computer mouse


Who uses VideoSyncPro

VideoSyncPro is used in most of the research labs created by Mangold International, because it is proven technology, based on years of research and experience.

Such typical observation labs are in areas like:

Child development and adolescence research

Research with families

Elderly Care research centers

Simulation and Training (Medical / Aerospace / Teaching & Learning ...)

Wildlife, Zoo and Animal welfare research

Sports, Psychology Labs, Therapy research labs


Wherever professional video recording is needed, VideoSyncPro is the tool of your choice.