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The SkyRadar FreeScopes provide a comfortable computing environment to visualize, manipulate and store data. It is an integrated part of all SkyRadar modules presented in this catalog. It can be operated in TCP/IP connection with the SkyRadar PSR Unit (Wireless LAN or Ethernet) and as online radar connected to recorded data or real radar equipment.

Free Scopes
SkyRadar FreeScopes – The free software to run experiments with recorded radar data and to operate the SkyRadar Base Unit


The number of concurrent users using SkyRadar Scopes is not limited To assure fast operations, we suggest in classroom contexts to add a
SkyRadar Cloud server (see Section 6). The SkyRadar FreeScopes operate within a Web-Browser and do not require any local installation. The radar system can be monitored and accessed by many students concurrently. Doing so, each students can work with different filter or scope-settings (A-scope, B-scope, PPI), as the software read and interpretes Q- and I- raw data. The software FreeScopes is freely accessible.

FreeScopes Online Radar GUI A-Scope


In the context of a SkyRadar PSR delivery, the Scopes consist of:

  • One (1) license for SkyRadar Scopes software utilization
  • One (1) Operating manual in English language freely downloadable.


  • Computer with latest HTML5 enabled browser. Current versions of Chrome, Firefox, MS Internet explorer, Opera and Safari are able to read HTML5.


  • SkyRadar Base Unit and whole Family of SkyRadar Modular Radar Training System
  • Recorded log-files of radar raw data

SkyRadar Scopes and SkyRadar FreeScopes Software Features
The SkyRadar Scopes and FreeScopes software is based on recent HTML5 technology (HTML5, JavaScript, JSON-LD, Scalable Vector Graphics, Canvas). This enables students to work concurrently on the system, even when working on different scopes or with different filter settings.

FreeScopes Online Radar GUI B-Scope


The system allows for online access to the radar training system (when enabled by the academy or university). When more than 5 students access the system concurrently, we advise to use the SkyRadar Cloud Server. Depending on the configuration, this server will provide the required elasticity to scale up with additional users.

  • Wireless communication between Server and Radar element.
  • Scopes
    o A‐Scope.
    o B‐Scope.
    o Plan-Position-Indicator (PPI). The PPI is particularly useful when the system is applied together with the turntable unit.
  • Possibility to run experiments from e.g., verification of the radar equation up to complex radar experiments and analysis.
  • Analysis of the Pulse Train Frequency, which is directly measured at the gate generator.
  • Close‐Range detection.
  • Possible signal processing experiments (list non exhaustive)
    FreeScopes Online Radar GUI PPI-Scope

    o Measurement of I and Q signals.
    o Learning Doppler basics.
    o Exploring Doppler Sensors.
    o Ranging of moving and stationary objects.
    o Detection of direction angle of moving objects.


The Figure above shows the scope overview screen of the SkyRadar Suite. The A‐Scope is used for measuring distances to radar targets in a defined direction. It consists of a radar display unit with Cartesian representation, in which the horizontal axis shows the distance between the radar and the target object. The system includes a Plan-Position-Indicator. The Plan-Position-Indicator is a polar coordinate display of the area surrounding the radar platform. The A‐scope of the SkyRadar trainer is entirely interactive, allowing for a broad range of filtering and signal manipulation. The B-Scope is a Cartesian, 2-D “top down” representation of space. The horizontal axis (abscissa) represents the measurement of the azimuth (bearing), and the vertical axis (ordinate) represents the measurement of the range. Signals appear as bright spots. Also the B‐scope is equipped with a multitude of features for analysis, measurement and signal manipulation.

FreeScopes Online Radar GUI PPI-Scope LARGE
FreeScopes Online Radar GUI PPI-Scope


SkyRadar Modular Radar Training System - FreeScopes

SkyRadar FreeScopes are a virtual radar control center and online radar GUI, including A-Scopes, B-Scopes, Plan-Position-Indicator. FreeScopes is freely accessible as online ground radar through the SkyRadar homepage.

Brand: SkyRadar Modular Radar Training System

Manufacturer: SkyRadar

Model: FreeScopes 5.0

Product ID: SkyRadar PSR-Scopes-Ver.5.0