• Description


Features and Specifications

  • +/- .12% full scale long term accuracy (15-300psig)
  • 500Hz/channel sampling speed
  • Multiple pressure ranges available per DSA
  • Up to 1500 psi pressure range
  • Auto zero offset correction
  • “All Media” compatibility (wet/dry)


The DSA3207 is used to measure up to 16 liquid absolute or gauge pressures (psia or psig). Pressures are input into 1/8 inch Swagelok® compression fittings via copper, steel, or plastic tubing.  The pressure transducers are isolated from the media on the measurement side of the sensor by a stainless steel diaphram, wet/dry.  Typical applications include liquid measurements for jet fuel and oil on a gas turbine, flow measurement across an orifice by measuring the high and low side of the orifice, tidal research facilities and for tow tanks.

If liquid reference measurements (wet/wet) are required, Scanivalve’s DSA3307 is an excellent option.


The model DSA3207 Digital Sensor Array pressure acquisition module incorporates 2 to 16 temperature compensated media isolated piezoresistive pressure transducers (psig or psia). This model contains a stainless steel diaphragm isolating the measurement side of each pressure transducer from the media. The back side of the gauge transducer must be dry (wet/dry).

Each DSA module also contains RAM, a 16 bit A/D converter, and a microprocessor in a compact self-contained module. The result is a network ready intelligent pressure scanning module for “all media” service. The microprocessor compensates for environmental temperature changes and performs engineering unit conversion. Pressure data are output in engineering units via Ethernet using TCP/IP protocol.

Optional Scanivalve LabVIEW Development kit and OPC server are available.