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QuantumWise will host a free webinar on the release of ATK-VNL 2017.

The webinar is targeted to every VNL and ATK user who wants to learn more about the new features implemented in version 2017 of QuantumWise's atomic-scale modeling platform.

In particular, we will cover: 
- New Builder features, measurement tool, database connectivity to Materials Project, NEB with varying cell size, ... 
- New methods for accurate calculations of semiconductor and insulator band gaps 
- New analysis features: Fermi surfaces, fat band structures and projected density of states, ... 
- Updates to the Job Manager 
- and much more.

The webinar will be held on August, 17th, 8-9 PM CEST, and on August 18th, 9-10 AM CEST. 
The duration is about 40 minutes plus a Q&A session.

For more information about the ATK and VNL 2017 release, see the official release letter.

Register for the free webinar at this link