• Description

This trainer allows to study the lyophilization process that is the best system for preserving perishable goods.

• Plant starting and safety devices intervention checking
• Determining the eutectic temperature of a substance
• Control of product internal and surface temperature during the lyophilization process and determination of the optimum cycle for each product
• Studying the operation of a thermostatic expansion valve and its calibration
• ON/OFF control: the compressor thermostat
• Analyzing the system behaviour versus the variation of:
- thermostatic valve superheat
- condenser fan intervention pressure
- set vacuum degree
- thermostat set-point temperature
• Plotting the cycle in the refrigerant pressure-enthalpy diagram
• Data acquisition and calculation of:
- heat balances corresponding to evaporator, condenser,compressor
- refrigerant mass fl ow
- ideal and actual EER
- volumetric compression effi ciency