• Description

This trainer has been conceived and designed so that students can analyze the characteristics and reliability of the electric components that are an integral part of refrigeration systems, besides the hydraulic circuit.

Furthermore it can simulate the main faults occurring in industrial systems.

This unit enables to develop and analyze the following subjects:
• Faults on compressor valves
• Faults in oil separator
• Faults due to excess of refrigerant
• Faults due to lack of refrigerant
• Refrigerant prevented from reaching the evaporator
• Expansion valve broken
• Dehydrator clogged
• Too high condensation pressure
• Too high suction pressure
• Too low suction pressure
• Motor phase cutoff
• Both motor phases cutoff
• Refrigeration thermostat faulty
• Freezing thermostat faulty
• Relay coil faulty
• Motor thermal protection faulty
• Start capacitor faulty
• Assembling/disassembling and connecting each component
• Components quality control