• Description

CIROS Planner is the software for the planning and optimization of complex manufacturing systems. CIROS Planner enhances the effectivity and the efficiency of work flows at mechanical design, electrical design, and control software design. Interdepartmental collaboration is improved in all stages of the production design. In practice, CIROS Planner supports you in modelling and verifying of designs. You will get reliable information on the cycle time of your automation solution early in the planning stage.
For more than twenty years now, we have been developing the software, distributing our solutions successfully in industry, and offering maintenance, support, training, and services. If you want to learn more about CIROS Planner addressing your individual use case we will be glad to fix a date for a web-based presentation.

Application Areas

Among others, CIROS Planner is used for the following applications:

  • Planning and optimization of complex production systems
  • Comfortable creation of cycle time diagrams
  • Management of resource labels
  • Graphically-interactive cycle time analysis
  • Circuit diagram planning
  • Creation of sequential function charts according to IEC 61131
  • Creation of documentation


In the following, you will find an overview of CIROS Planner.

Cycle Time Planning / Mechanical Design

At the mechanical design of new manufacturing plants, cycle time diagrams for the whole process or time-critical sub-processes are created to ensure optimum cycle times. Even today, these cycle time diagrams are often created on paper by hand or using common spreadsheet software. None of these methods matches the requirements of modern cycle time planning. CIROS Planner is the software designed to close this gap. Create complex cycle time diagrams, even with parallel paths and methods-time measurement (MTM-1), by easy operations in a graphical view. Use sub-diagrams for structuring, observe the reaction of the critical path to modifications, and print results.

  • Management of all actuators and sensor of a plant
  • Durations of actions are edited graphically-interactive and independent of time scales. All subsequent actions are adapted automatically.
  • Gantt diagrams to describe the sequence of all actions
  • Easy modelling of durations and dependencies of actions
  • Scalable time axis
  • Parallel sub-processes
  • Different types of dependencies: simple, AND, OR
  • Instant automatic calculation of the critical path and the total cycle time
  • Sub-diagrams for the structuring of large processes
  • Actions can be marked as dependent on sensors or initiators of the 3D plant model
  • Considerably more convenient than by-hand methods or spreadsheets