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  • SensiCam family : Cooled digital 14 bit CCD camera System(4032 x 2688pixel)
  • Pixelfly family : High performance digital 12 bit CCD camera System (1392 x 1040 pixel)
  • Dicam pro family : Intensified digital 12 bit CCD camera System (1360 x 1024 pixel)
  • PCO.1200 hs : High speed digital CMOS camera System (1280 x 1024 pixel)



Shadowgraph of a shockwave after a femtosecond laser pulse coming from the right (see block arrow with “Laser”) has hit the material surface (left border).

Empirical model of nanosecond-laser drilling: the process is characterized by two ablation tools, the laser beam itself (red arrow to the left, red curves) and the laser-induced plasma plume (right part and blue arrows).

Experimental setup for femtosecond laser plasma investigations (ICCD = dicam pro).


2D oxygen imaging 的應用


Experimental set-up with a cut coral porites placed on top of a transparent planar oxygen optode, which was fixed at the bottom of a glass container, filled with lagoon sea water.


Larger view on the set-up with the coral in the glass container placed on top of the LED frame while the measuring camera was looking at the cut coral surface from below