SkyRadar Quadcopter
  • Description

For Air-traffic-control or homeland-security-oriented users, SkyRadar suggest a blend of in-house and outside experiments. For the outside experiments, SkyRadar offers a remote quadcopter model as part of SkyRadar’s Modular Radar Training System.

The Moveable Target Positioning System consists of:

  • One (1) remote controlled quadcopter including rechargeable batteries
  • One (1) remote control including batteries


  • SkyRadar Base Unit
  • SkyRadar FreeScopes


  • the whole Family of SkyRadar Modular Radar Training System

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SkyRadar Modular Radar Training System - Quadcopter

Drone /Quadcopter as moving target for experiments with the SkyRadar Modular Radar Training System

Brand: SkyRadar Modular Radar Training System

Manufacturer: SkyRadar

Model: SkyRadar PSR-Quad-Ver.5.0

Product ID: SkyRadar PSR-Quad-Ver.5.0

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