Company Introduction

Established in 1992, Pitotech Co. LTD is a consultancy company situated in the middle of Taiwan in Changhua City.

Priding ourselves as the pioneering company which first introduce the concept of system simulation to industries in Taiwan, we continue our strives over the years to remain on the forefront of Technology. Our services include technical training and supplies for various advanced professional software and equipment; industrial 4.0 solutions, system automation simulation services. We currently hold Technical Services Certifications in

(1) automation services and

(2) research and development categories, issued by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs (R.O.C).  In this era of knowledge economy, we position ourselves as the ‘technological hub’, connecting advanced professional tools, specialized personnel with technological know-hows, and industrial customer demands, so as to provide quality solutions for the industrial market.

Company Strengths
Market and Business Strengths
  • Leader in Field
  • Significant conference,exhibition and Web Presence
  • Successfully Marketed  leading Software for over 10 years
Technical Strengths
  • Always select the most flexible and leading products on the market
  • Solid background Engineers
  • Cross support
  • Localization
  • Consultancy possibility (not push)

Automated service organization certification, research and development service agency certification

Pitotech actively applied for the energy registration review of the Information Service of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

In addition to thanking the experts, scholars, consultants and reviewers of the relevant units for the professional technical services of

Pitotech, it also provided customers with the choice of the Pito team. The professional technical service gives the greatest protection and will become one of the reference indicators for customers when choosing a good and professional information service team.

Nowadays, we have established the company as a “platform”. After this platform, we will provide the most professional and appropriate services for the market by integrating products, customers and professionals.