新北某科技廠 徵求對COMSOL Multiphysics軟體操作熟悉之聲學工程師


1. Develop optimized test methodologies to evaluate voice, audio component and product performance.

2. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to characterize different aspects of performance including SPL, THD, and noise levels.

3. Improve the robustness and automation of system and speaker/earphone hardware testing.

4. Implement methodologies for data post-processing, visualization, and reporting.


Qualifications and Skills

1. 工作經歷:5年以上 (無經驗亦可)

2. 學歷要求:大學以上

3. 科系要求: 電聲相關科系(或有修習電聲相關課程者尤佳)

4. 語文條件:英文 -- /中等、說 /精通、讀 /中等、寫 /精通

5. 其他條件:

-At least 5 years in acoustic products testing such as earphone/speaker.

-Exceptional knowledge of acoustic test methods and equipment including some or all of Klippel, Audio Precision, Clio, SoundCheck, and Crysound

-Experience with system calibration and maintenance of test systems.

-Experience with Comsol multiphysics simulation experienced in speaker and microphone.

-Experience with  transducer, audio amplifier tests preferred.


新竹某大廠 徵求對COMSOL Multiphysics軟體操作熟悉之聲學模擬工程師


1. 4~5年工作經驗最佳

2. COMSOL,且曾用過 Acoustics & Structure Mechanics Module

3. 孰悉Soundcheck/AP/Klippel操作與背後原理

4. 人格特質:樂愛學習

5. 英文能力:聽說讀寫精通


桃園某科技廠 徵求對COMSOL Multiphysics軟體操作熟悉之資深電芯工程師。


1. 工作經歷:3年以上

2. 學歷要求:大學以上

3. 科系要求:化學工程相關、工程學科類、工業技藝及機械學科類

4. 語文條件:英文 -- /中等、說 /中等、讀 /中等、寫 /中等

5. 其他條件:

-At least a masters degree in chemical engineering, chemistry, material, computer science or a related area, with a PHD's degree preferred.

-At least 3 years Electrochemical simulation experience is strongly preferred.

-Experience with Lithium-Ion batteries preferred.


桃園某科技廠 徵求對COMSOL Multiphysics軟體操作熟悉之磁性元件工程師


1. 科系要求:電機或物理等相關科系(修讀過電磁學對電腦模擬有興趣者)


新北某科技廠 徵求COMSOL聲學模擬 工程師


1.  4~5年工作經驗最佳

2. 學歷要求:大學以上

3. COMSOL,且曾用過 Acoustics& Structure Mechanics Module

4. 熟悉Soundcheck/Clio/Klippel 操作與原理

5. 人格特質: 樂愛學習,邏輯能力強,善於溝通,面對問題具備反向思考能力.

6. 英文能力: 聽說讀寫精通

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