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TurboGen™配備了擴展的感測器套件,National Instruments數據採集系統和LabVIEW™互動式虛擬儀器面板,可以實時監視和記錄傳感器數據。


National Instruments 6218 Data Acquisition System

Feeding this interactive VI is data from the on-board National Instruments 6218 Data Acquisition System. That same data is also stored on the included laptop PC for later retrieval and analysis.

Researchers and students alike will find TurboGen™ easy to operate while providing extensive performance capabilities. The engine is fully throttle-able while the free turbine can be loaded over a wide operational range (by varying generator load) giving researchers and students a broad, combined, study bandwidth.

TurboGen™ features many innovative operational sub-systems including a fuel-cooled alternator, exhaust powered cabinet cooling fan, integrated resistive load element, and custom speed tach generators. TurboGen™ comes standard with unsurpassed factory-direct support. If you demand more than virtual reality for your gas power research or educational lab, TurboGen™ is as real as it gets.