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Rockwell's Automation Studio 5000™ and FactoryTalk ViewME®v8.0 graphically present the "factory floor", offering students direct programming and operating experience with the most current industrial automation hardware and software. 

Utilizing water as the working fluid, along with interchangeable pump impellers and a clear-view pumping circuit, students are provided skills-based training in:

Centrifugal pumps:  Including data mapping & development of characteristic performance curves, along with viewing often discussed, but never seen flow cavitation

Control loops that include:

  • Tank levels
  • Temperature
  • Mixing
  • Pressure
  • Suction
  • Flow

Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) Programming:  Featuring on-board Rockwell Automation Studio 5000™ ladder logic with PIDE Autotune

Human Machine Interface (HMI) Programming:  Large format touch screen with preinstalled Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk ViewME® v8.0

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD):  Operation & control

Ethernet communications:  Set-up & networking over local area networks (LAN) & internet (subnets, IP address Classification, etc.) 

We've enabled mobile devices to remotely operate FLUIDMechatronix™  

Another unique feature includes a strobe lighting unit that highlights boundary layer activity in the centrifugal pump impeller, actually stopping cavitation bubbles and related flow phenomenon "in their tracks", so you can see them! 

A clear-view flow circuit allows students to view multiple sensor types, pump and valve cavitation, valving, pump impellers, etc.

A side mounted "Grace Port" also allows for HDMI interface and overhead projection of the HMI display- for large group participation. And, on-board Ethernet offers opportunities in remote learning and data sharing.


Side mounted "Grace Port" enabling universal connectivity & overhead screen projection of the live HMI panel- for large group participation

FLUIDMechatronix™ allows students to study centrifugal pump performance curves, head/discharge curves, flow rate/torque correlations, witness impeller boundary layer conditions, and view cavitation.  The ability to test student-designed impeller performance is a major feature of this system. Have your students design their own custom impellers, predict performance and actually verify results. 

  • System is configured to safety category 3, using dual channel monitoring & safe torque off
  • Arrives turnkey, fully assembled, ready-to-operate with nothing more to buy
  • On wheeled, lockable castors enabling equipment sharing between multiple locations
  • 29” wide- fits through any standard door
  • On-campus & off-campus remote operation for distance learning
  • Free comprehensive curriculum
  • Full two-year warranty & free product support