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Modeling and simulation in the industrial machinery

ESI ITI’s engineers support you throughout the entire product development process in mechanical engineering. How do individual sub-systems interact with each other? What impact do single components or assimblies have on a system’s overall behavior? Our engineering services and simulation software SimulationX let you focus on detailed analyses of your machinery, while you keep track of the system as a whole.

Industrial machinery: market requirements and trends
Be it energy efficiency, adaptive production or intelligent networks in the digital factory as part of greater cyber-physical systems – with each new development in mechanical engineering, there is the ongoing demand from operators for technically fully matured machines which are easy to service, available on a daily basis, with a long lifespan and a high level of energy efficiency. These are requirements that manufacturers are only able to meet through simulation of the many different systems of which a machine consists.

Requirements for manufacturers:

  • Counter time and cost constraints in product development effectively
  • Understand and master the increasing complexity of machinery
  • Keep track of the many component variants and manage them efficiently
  • Comply with legal requirements (e.g. energy efficiency)
  • Ensure powerful, low-noise and safe machinery that is easy to maintain

Requirements for operators:

  • Analyze anomalies during operation without interruptions
  • Avoid breakdowns and related cost impacts
  • Ensure ecofriendliness (comprehensive resource preservation und reduction of emissions)
  • Train operators and maintenance staff to prevent maloperation and to reduce maintenance downtimes
  • Prove the energy efficiency of your machinery at the click of a button

Simulation software for the industrial machinery

From variation calculations during the development of electrical components and systems to increased reliability through calibrated control systems for fluidic, mechanical and electric drives to vibration analyses of entire plants – with our simulation software SimulationXand ESI ITI’s engineering services, you, too, can develop machinery free of risk and in an efficient way!


Simulation for a wide range of machinery, such as:

  • Machine tools

  • Textile machinery

  • Paper machines

  • Drive systems

Get to know SimulationX

Are you as a manufacturer of machinery or as supplier of components already using CAE simulation software in your product development? Or are you in the middle of a discussion whether simulation software is for you at all? Whether you are an expert in simulation techniques or just a beginner – our simulation software SimulationX is available in different configurations specially designed for mechanical engineering. To find out which version may suit you best, continue reading here.

transmission development in SimulationX