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Mobile machinery – reliable, economical, comfortable, energy efficient

Be it construction machinery, agricultural machinery, forestry equipment or municipal vehicles – manufacturers of mobile machinery must develop their products in a way that such machines can cope with challenging environments throughout alternating work cycles – and often enough there are no predevelopment resources available. With a powerful package comprising our simulation software, engineering expertise and a broad network of industrial partners and research experts, your product development runs economically and sustainably right from the very start. ESI ITI’s engineers support you throughout the entire development process of mobile machinery.

Developing innovative mobile machinery
In order to meet the rising performance requirements of their customers, manufacturers need to find the optimum balance in the interaction between man and machinery for each work cycle. Stricter environmental as well as health and safety regulations, especially tighter exhaust gas limits for industrial engines (Stage/Tier IV) call for new, less consuming concepts without impacting performance in a negative way. This has enormous consequences for the entire layout of increasingly complex machines. Recuperation, light-weighted design and alternative drive systems are the most promising solution approaches in the current development of mobile machinery. Take advantage of cutting-edge multiphysics simulation tools to push and realize your ideas within economical boundaries.

Requirements for manufacturers:

  • Counter time and cost pressure in product development effectively also with small development teams
  • Understand and master the growing complexity of heavy machinery as well as the requirements of an increaseduse of mechatronics
  • Integrate development and testing of a growing number of control units early in the design process
  • Handle a broad diversity of variants efficiently
  • Integrate varying components from suppliers fast and safely
  • Prove and ensure reliability, availability, maintainability and safety
  • Support processes for division of labor – between suppliers and OEMs as well as between different branches or departments of the same company
  • Ensure compliance with legal requirements and standards already during the development
  • Prevent warranty issues up front

Requirements for operators:

  • Maintain a high quality level in meeting increased performance and environmental requirements
  • Integrate mobile machinery in homogenously linked work processes (e.g. road construction)
  • Comply with environmental as well as health and safety standards (energy efficiency, vibrational comfort, noise, dirt and exhaust gas emissions)
  • Increase ease of use and comfort
  • Reduce costs and time for installation and erection procedures of cranes, for example
  • Ensure maximum availability of the machinery and keep maintenance costs at a minimum
  • Train personnel free of risk with realistic training simulators