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Virtual test and simulation for safety and reliability of oil & gas technology

ESI ITI’s engineers together with the international offshore/subsea engineering consultancy Agito support you throughout the entire development process of subsea and offshore technology. Model your own multiphysics systems and conduct virtual tests in SimulationX. System integration is our core competency; achieving high performance for all depth is our common development goal; system simulation with our simulation software SimulationX is your tool of choice.

Oil & gas and subsea systems: market requirements and trends
Most of the world‘s remaining oil and gas resources lie offshore and in water depths of more than 2,000 meters. Extreme subsea conditions require for all components to meet a very high level of reliability. Virtual simulation of such machinery helps achieve system reliability and protects both your investment and the environment.

Simulation solutions for oil & gas applications

The longstanding partnership between two expert companies both 25 years of experience in their fields embodies the perfect combination of system simulation and engineering expertise in the oil and gas industry. This close collaboration has yielded tailor-made model libraries and highly precise, ready-to-use component models specially designed to meet the requirements of the oil and gas industry in general and deep water (subsea) applications in particular. When combined with extensive system knowledge, the simulation software SimulationX can be used to conduct a system trend analysis on an operational ‘Brown Field’ development identifying system performance degradation and consequently reducing the risk of production loss. These losses may also represent unacceptable levels of risk to people and the environment. 

Subsea simulation performance

SimulationX – Software for developing oil & gas technology

The following applications show you examples of how you can use our simulation software SimulationX:

  • Multidisciplinary modeling of heave compensators and 'launch and recovery systems' (LARS)
  • Model-based development of innovative high-tech plants and system solutions for the exploitation and production of energy resources in an environmentally-friendly way
  • Analysis and evaluation of the dynamic behavior of components and systems used for the production and distribution of oil and gas
  • Real-time virtual test of systems for oil & gas production, covering systems for; drilling (top-side and subsea), production (top-side and subsea) and subsea construction and process equipment
  • Perform reliability analyses and establish Fault Tree FTA of an oil & gas system to identify the weakest link and bottlenacks in the system