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無法安裝COMSOL出現錯誤訊息"System clock has been set back"的解決方式


How do I fix the error "System clock has been set back"?

This message indicates that the FlexLM Licensing software is noticing that there is a file somewhere on the computer with a date modified in the future. Therefore, FlexLM thinks that the system clock has been set back.

Please do an Advanced Search on your computer for files/folders with modified dates in the future.

Windows 7 / Vista:

1) Go to Start>Computer.

2) Click in the Search Computer box and select Date Modified.


3) Select Select a date or date range.


4) After date modified: type in a date range, ranging from today's date to a date far in the future with a ".." in between (see picture for example). Press Enter to search.

Once the file(s) have been found, re-save them so that the Date Modfiied is no longer in the future. Note: You may need to use a free attribute editor like Total Commander to edit the file dates.