• Description

Motor case and headstock are jointed. Motor power reaches
144W by using a powerful motor. The axis Z can rotate 360


1.System: Mach 3 (Optional Zhouyu Industrial system)
2. Machine parts: headstock, central block, motor blade, gear, cross slider, big slider, connection piece, long machine bed, short machine bed etc.

Technical parameter:
1.Motor speed: 12,000rpm/min
2.Input voltage/current/power:12VDC/5A/60W
3. Axis Y,Z slider travel 50mm, Axis X 145mm Axis A=360°/200/8=0.225°
5. X.Y. Z. A stepping motor:1.5Nm, current 2A,1.8°
6.Accuracy: 0.07mm
7.4 axes work at the same time, can process 3D surface
8 .Maximum diameter of chuck:50mm