• Description

• Compact, bench-top unit
• Based on the classic Marcet boiler experiment
• Stainless steel vessel (boiler) for long life and ease of maintenance
• Proves the Antoine Equation for saturated steam
• Vessel (boiler) has viewing window to see the boiling process and the water level
• Simple and safe to use – includes temperature cut-out switches and a pressure relief valve
• Electronic sensors measure boiler temperature and pressure – shown on a digital display in both SI
and traditional units (including absolute values)
• Can connect to TecQuipment’s Versatile Data Acquisition System (VDAS®)

Technical Details
Nett dimensions:
800 mm wide x 410 mm front to back x 640 mm high
and 40 kg
Approximate packed volume:
0.5 m3 and 50 kg
Digital display:
Shows temperature in Kelvin (absolute) and Celsius
Shows pressure in Pascals (absolute) and bar (absolute)
Mechanical pressure gauge:
Pressure in bar (for reference only)
Nominal maximum experiment pressure:
10 bar (absolute)