• Description

• A self-contained bench-top Base Unit with four optional experiments
• Simple and safe to use - foolproof fittings allow students to change and connect the optional
experiments quickly and easily – needs no tools
• Clear digital displays of all readings – you do not need a computer to work it or take readings
• The experiments each have a bedplate with a clear schematic diagram to show students how they
connect, and the measuring point positions
• Can connect to TecQuipment’s Versatile Data Acquisition System (VDAS®)

Essential Services
Bench space needed: 650 mm x 480 mm
Clean, cold water supply and waste
Note: Your cold water supply must be between 5°C and
Electrical supply:
50 Hz to 60 Hz
100 VAC to 120 VAC at 5 A
220 VAC to 240 VAC at 5 A

Technical Details
Nett dimensions and weights:
Base Unit (TD1002):
650 mm x 480 mm x 590 mm high and 24 kg