• Description

• For a full understanding of heat exchange by forced convection and measurement of heat transfer
• Enables rapid assessment of heat transfer rates
• Robust, bench-mounting product
• Consists of wind tunnel with fully controllable air flow and heat-exchanger rod matrix
• Separate pre-heated element with built-in thermocouple can take the place of any heat-exchanger
• Includes comprehensive, accurate and easy-to-read digital instrumentation on a separate
instrumentation unit
• Instrumentation unit also includes a controlled heat source to pre-heat element
• Works with TecQuipment’s Versatile Data Acquisition System (VDAS®)

Nett dimensions and weight:
• Main part (assembled) - 1530 mm long x 1160 mm
high x 400 mm front to back and 55 kg
• Control and Instrumentation unit - 615 mm wide x
220 mm high x 360 mm front to back and 16.5 kg
Approximate packed volume and weight:
0.79 m3 and 144 kg
Heated element:
• Diameter nominally 12.4 mm
• Material: copper
• Built-in thermocouple: K-type