• Description

• A bench-top unit to demonstrate a thermoelectric device – designed for teaching
• Connects for both Peltier or Seebeck tests – giving a full set of experiments
• Schematic diagram and transparent guard to help students understand the device construction and
allow simple demonstrations
• A switchable load, variable heat source and device power supply for multiple test conditions
• Simple and safe to use – needs no tools
• Clear, multiline digital displays of all readings – you do not need a computer to work it or collect
• Can connect to TecQuipment’s Versatile Data Acquisition System (VDAS®)

Essential Services
Bench space needed:
Roughly 1000 mm x 600 mm plus space for a computer if
you need to use VDAS
Electrical supply:
(specify on order)
110 to 120 VAC 50 Hz to 60 Hz at 3 A
220 to 240 VAC 50 Hz to 60 Hz at 1.5 A
Contact TecQuipment for other voltage ranges.
Water supply:
Clean, cold, low mineral content water at a minimum
1 bar and maximum 3 bar.
1 L/minute minimum flow
For best results, use water < 20°C

Nett dimensions:
810 mm wide x 500 mm front to back x 600 mm high
and 47 kg
Approximate packed dimensions:
0.38 m3 and 60 kg