• Description

• Self-contained bench-mounting unit for experiments with nine different popular temperature
measuring devices, and a thermowell to show temperature lag
• Uses a platinum resistance thermometer as a reference to accurately calibrate the other devices
• Shows how electrical resistance devices and thermocouples work, their characteristics and how to
connect them correctly to reduce measurement errors
• Includes liquid-in-glass thermometers with safe non-toxic liquid – no mercury
• Hand-held digital thermometer for thermal infrared measurements
• Built-in water heater tank with protective guard and drain tap for safe experiments
• Works with TecQuipment’s Versatile Data Acquisition System (VDAS®) for simple and reliable
recording and processing of results
• Built-in pressure sensor (barometer) with display of local water boiling temperature

Nett dimensions and weight: 920 mm long x 600 mm high
x 500 mm front to back and 41 kg
Packed volume and weight:
Approximately 0.43 m3 and 50 kg
• J and K-type thermocouples
• NTC thermistor
• PT100 platinum resistance thermometer (four wire)
• 2 x liquid in glass thermometers
• Bimetal and gas (vapour) pressure thermometers
• Liquid crystal temperature indicator strip (for reference
• Hand-held infrared thermometer