• Description

• Shows how to measure and calculate the relative humidity (moisture content) of air
• Allows students to compare different humidity measuring instruments
• Includes an air filter to reduce the effects of air particles
• Includes mechanical and electronic instruments to measure temperature and humidity
• Variable flow rate fan to show the effect of air flow on humidity measurement
• Compact unit for ease of use and storage

Nett dimensions and weight:
1250 mm wide x 420 mm front to back x 600 mm high
and 29 kg
Packed dimensions and weight:
0.5 m3 and 35 kg
Instrumentation and sensors:
• Hair hygrometer
• Wet and dry bulb hygrometer
• Whirling hygrometer
• Thin film capacitive relative humidity sensor (complete
with digital display)
• Thermistor temperature sensor (complete with digital
Maximum air flow rate:
110 litres/second