• Description

• Ideal for students to gain insight into the first and second laws of thermodynamics
• Introduces students to industry-standard methods of analysing steam plant performance, including
Rankine Cycle Analysis and using the Willans Line
• Uses a simple two-cylinder steam motor and an electrically-heated boiler for easy understanding of
the main parts of a steam plant
• Self-contained in a mobile frame that includes all instruments needed for experiments
• Allows students to copy the Marcet Boiler Experiment to prove the pressure-temperature relationship
for saturated steam
• Connects to TecQuipment’s optional Versatile Data Acquisition System (VDAS®)

Dimensions: Nett: 1700 mm high (assembled) x 1000 mm
wide x 800 mm front to back. Packed volume : 1.6 m3
Weight: Nett: 190 kg (without water)
Motor power: Approximately 90 W at 2000 rev.min–1
Electrically heated by two independently-switched
immersion heaters. Maximum experiment pressure
approximately 350 kPa (set by 400 kPa pressure relief
safety valve)
Instrumentation and measurement:
• Throttling calorimeter and thermocouple to measure
the dryness fraction of the steam
• Dynamometer and display unit for motor speed and
power measurement
• Pressure gauges for boiler and engine (motor) inlet
pressures, including electronic transducers for
connection to VDAS®
• Thermocouples and display for steam and cooling water
• Power meter for heater power input, including an
output for VDAS®
• Calibrated vessel with stopwatch and thermometer for
condensate (steam flow) measurement.