• Description

• Enables a wide range of investigations into the characteristics of four-stroke single-cylinder petrol and
Diesel engines
• For use with engines up to 10 kW: four-stroke diesel and four-stroke petrol engines (available
• Ideal for group demonstrations and student projects
• Includes comprehensive control console and instrumentation
• Optional ancillaries available to extend the range of study even further
• Quick, convenient and accurate engine mounting and changeover
• Test bed includes anti-vibration mounts
• Uses four-quadrant drive to start and load the engine, giving excellent stability
• Self-sealing couplings enable quick and efficient connection and disconnection of fuel lines with
minimum loss or spillage of fuel
• Works with TecQuipment’s Versatile Data Acquisition System (VDAS®)

Instrument Console dimensions:
Width 1700 mm x depth 750 mm x height 1340 mm
Test Bed dimensions (without engine):
Width 1150 mm x depth 500 mm x height 800 mm
Weight (packed total):
600 kg
Volume (packed total):
4.25 m3
D.C. machine with four-quadrant regenerative drive
Maximum absorption:
10 kW
Maximum speed:
3600 rev.min–1
Speed measurement:
Optical encoder and digital display
Torque measurement:
Strain gauged load cell and digital display
Air consumption measurement:
Airbox and orifice plate, pressure transducer and digital
Ambient air temperature and barometric pressure
Thermocouple, pressure transducer and digital display
Exhaust temperature measurement:
Engine thermocouple and digital display
Fuel consumption:
Precision volumetric fuel gauges (analogue or automatic
digital versions available)
Safety features:
• Interlocks for mains power failure and engine overspeed
• Emergency stops on test bed and console