• Description

• Reciprocating compressor and air receiver mounted in a mobile frame with full instrumentation
• Part of TecQuipment’s Modular Fluid Power range which connects with the Universal Dynamometer
(MFP100) as a common motive power source for a cost-effective solution
• Allows students to study and test a popular fluid power machine
• Temperature and pressure measurements at key points in the system
• Connection plate with schematic diagram clearly shows how parts of the module connect together
• Fully variable speed, for range of test results
• Includes digital displays of temperature and pressure
• Can connect to TecQuipment’s Versatile Data Acquisition System (VDAS®) and software

Nett dimensions (assembled):
1400 mm (length) x 1700 mm (height) x 750mm (depth)
Nett weight (without the Universal Dynamometer):
175 kg
Packed dimensions:
1.26 m3
Packed weight:
Approximately 250 kg
1.5 kW (from Universal Dynamometer)
Free air delivery:
Approximately 200 L.min–1 at 1000 rev.min-1
Number of cylinders:
Maximum pressure:
6 bar (controlled by pressure-relief valve)
Pressure rating of vessel:
10 bar
Instruments and measurements:
• Temperatures: Thermocouples and digital display
• Pressures: Piezoelectric transducers and digital display
(plus Bourdon gauge of vessel pressure for reference)
Note: Both the digital display units are electrically
powered from outlets on the motor drive and display
unit of the Universal Dynamometer
• Flow rate: orifice and differential pressure transducer
• Torque, speed and power: shown by the digital display
of the Universal Dynamometer (MFP100)