• Description

• Enables practical investigations into pressure measurement using inclined and U-tube manometers,
and Bourdon-type vacuum and pressure gauges
• Enables instant comparison of measurement methods
• Pressure and vacuum are accurately and conveniently controlled by fine adjustment of a syringe
• Also includes separate Bourdon gauge with dead-weight calibration apparatus, and Bourdon tube
mechanism clearly visible
• Fully self-contained, bench-top apparatus
• Suitable for group demonstrations and individual student experiments

Nett dimensions and weights:
• Manometer and gauge assembly: nett 700 x 600 x
650 mm and 14 kg
• Pressure gauge calibration assembly: nett 320 x 160 x
250 mm and 11.2 kg (including weights)
Approximate packed dimensions and weight:
• Complete apparatus packed: 0.82 m3 and 30 kg
Accessories (included):
• Selection of weights for Bourdon gauge dead weight
• ‘T’ pieces
• Artery clamps
• Funnel
• Nylon tubes
Space required:
For satisfactory use of this equipment, TecQuipment
recommends a bench area of approximately 2 m x 0.6 m.