• Description

Key Features
• Works with TecQuipment’s Hydraulic Bench
for easy installation
• Includes different valves, pipes and fittings to
show losses
• Includes experiments on roughened pipes
• Uses Bernoulli’s equation for incompressible
fluid flow
• Shows how to use Venturi and orifice meters
to measure flow
• Includes a traversing Pitot tube to measure
velocity profile and flow
Learning Outcomes
• Velocity profile and the Pitot-static tube
• Flow measurement using a Venturi meter and an orifice
Pressure (head) losses in:
• Smooth and roughened straight pipes
• Sudden expansion and contraction
• Bends and elbows
• Valves and in-line strainer
• Pipes of different diameter
Key Specifications
• Venturi and orifice meters
• Three circuits
• Three downstream valves
• Three 90° bends
• Three-way piezometer
• Pressure gauge

Operating Conditions
Operating environment:
Storage temperature range:
–25ºC to +55ºC (when packed for transport)
Operating temperature range:
+5ºC to +40ºC
Operating relative humidity range:
80% at temperatures < 31ºC decreasing linearly to 50% at