• Description

• Full and accurate experimental analysis
• Ideal for classroom demonstrations
• Bench-mounted
• No services required
• Compact and requires minimal storage space

Essential Services
Floor space needed:
Approximately 700 mm x 500mm of solid, level bench
Nett: 650 mm x 450 mm x 350 mm; packed: 0.11 m3
Net: 5 kg; packed: 9 kg
Water tank:
Moulded plastic, nominally 600 mm x 400 mm x 120 mm
Floating pontoon:
360 mm x 203 mm x 76 mm
Angular tilt of pontoon:
Nominally 8º each side of the vertical centre line
Working height of sail:
240 mm
Adjustable sail weight:
525 g
Total weight of floating assembly:
Nominally 3.2 kg