• Description

• Transparent construction - students can see what is happening
• Compact and self-contained - just needs clean water
• Determines theoretical centre of pressure and compares actual and theoretical hydrostatic thrust
• Simple but accurate balance to measure moment due to hydrostatic thrust
• Tests a vertical and inclined plane surface
• Suitable for classroom demonstrations
• Includes built-in bubble level and adjustable levelling feet

• Studying the relationship between hydrostatic force and
head of water for a fully and partially submerged
vertical and inclined plane
• Comparison of actual and theoretical hydrostatic force
on a fully or partially submerged plane for any given
head of water
• Theoretical calculation of the position of centre of
pressure on a fully or partially submerged plane
Operating conditions
Operating environment:
Storage temperature range:
–25ºC to +55ºC (when packed for transport)
Operating temperature range:
+5ºC to +40ºC
Nett Dimensions and Weight:
460 mm wide x 400 mm high x 160 mm front to back
and 4 kg (plus additional 1 kg of weights and 500 mL of
water colouring)
Packed Dimensions and Weight:
Approximately 0.11 m3 and 8 kg
Slotted weights:
100 x 10 g
Weight hanger:
2 off 10 g each
Accessories (included):
Water colouring