• Description

• Self-contained, mobile two-stage centrifugal pump test set for a range of tests and demonstrations
• Pumps have a transparent ‘window’ to allow students to see clearly their impellers, the water flow
and cavitation
• Pumps can be tested individually, in series and in parallel, with independent speed control
• Shows how to use a Venturi meter and differential pressure measurement to find flow rate
• Optional stroboscope allows students to see clearly the effects of cavitation around a pump impeller
• Motor Drives have digital displays of pump speed, torque and calculated true ‘shaft’ power
• Optional easy-to-read analogue instrumentation
• Works with TecQuipment’s Versatile Data Acquisition System (VDAS®)

Nett Dimensions and Weight:
Length 1670 mm x depth 650 mm x height 1590 mm
and 140 kg
Approximate Packed Dimensions and Weight:
2.63 m3 and 280 kg
Maximum Flow Rates (each pump):
Approximately 2.2 L.s–1
Maximum Total Head (each pump):
Approximately 120 kPa (120 kN.m-2)
Maximum pump speeds:
3000 rev.min