• Description

• Axial flow pump, mounted in a mobile frame with full instrumentation, including a digital pressure
• Self-contained, has its own water reservoir and needs no external water supply
• Part of TecQuipment’s Modular Fluid Power range which connects with the Universal Dynamometer
(MFP100) as a common motive-power source for a cost-effective solution
• Allows students to study and test a common type of rotodynamic pump, safely and at a realistic
• Connection plate with schematic diagram shows the water flow circuit and how parts of the module
connect to each other
• Fully variable speed and flow, for range of tests
• Works with TecQuipment’s Versatile Data Acquisition System (VDAS®)

Nett Dimensions:
1750 mm (length) x 1700 mm (height) x 900 mm (front
to back)
Nett Weight:
165 kg (without water)
Approximate Packed Dimensions and Weight:
2.59 m3 and 200 kg
Nominal Maximum Pump Flow:
12 L.s-1
Nominal Maximum Pump Head:
3.5 m H2O (35 kPa)
Instruments and Measurements
• Digital Pressure Display to show pressures at the pump
and across the nozzle. You use the pressures across the
nozzle to calculate the flow.
Note - the Universal Dynamometer (MFP100) provides
electrical power for the Digital Pressure Display
• Torque, speed and power: Measured and displayed
digitally by the Universal Dynamometer (MFP100)