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Applied 2D/3D Motion Capture

SIMI® Aktisys is the quickest and most simple way of conducting dynamic movement analyses. The software uses up to 5 colored LED markers, which will be automatically recognized by the system, to calculate measurement data from videos or directly from the live stream!                              
SIMI® is a motion analysis company with experience since 1992. With offices in Germany, USA and China, Simi delivers the best solutions, support and education to over 1000 partners and clients around the world.

Let o
ur superior motion capture technology be the foundation of your success!   

•  Real-Time 2D/3D Analysis
• Predefined and Individual Reports (Running, Walking, Jumping, Spine and many more)
• Life-Video-Feedback
• Databased-Biofeedback
• Kinematic and Kinetic Analysis
• Force plate-Integration and Device Synchronization