• Description


Features and Specifications

  • +/- .05% full scale long term accuracy (mostranges)
  • DSP Technology
  • 625Hz/channel sampling speed
  • Dual pressure ranges available per DSA
  • Vacuum, 5 inch H20 up to 750 psi pressurerange
  • Auto zero offset correction
  • 19 inch rack mounted enclosure


The model DSA3016 with its DSAENCL4000 rack mounted enclosure is typically located in a control room or conditioned cabinet.  Each DSA3016 pressure scanner measures up to 16 gas pressures. The enclosure can accept up to 8 DSA3016 scanners (128 total pressure inputs) with one Ethernet IP address. Options include pressure inputs from the front of the DSA3016 pressure module (FA) or from the rear of the enclosure (RA).These applications include measuring gas pressures in wind tunnel tests, gas turbine tests, steam turbine tests, compressor tests as well as other turbomachinery testing. Industrial tests include pressure profiles on fan blades, or other surfaces.


Model DSA3016, Digital Sensor Array, is a rack mounted pressure module designed for multiple pressure measurements. Each DSA3016 module incorporates 16 temperature compensated piezoresistive pressure sensors, along with a pneumatic calibration valve. Up to 8 DSA3016 Digital Sensor Array modules can be used in the 19 inch rack enclosure, model 
 (128 pressure inputs).The state-of-the-art DSP (Digital Signal Processor) technology is at the heart of our new 19 inch rack mounted  DSAENCL4000 enclosure. Located on the backplane of the enclosure, the DSP is a programmable device capable of extremely fast math functions that operate on the data stream in real time.

All measurements are converted into Engineering Units.An optional Scanivalve LabVIEW Development kit is available.