• Description


 Strong driver power for a sealed type outdoor system

 Designed for 12 V input power and addition of a separate booster circuit (Power Amplification and Booster Circuit)

 Booster transformer has useful function, auto impedance matching and selection of T / R

 Limiter circuit to prevent over signal at input port of a receiver

 This application is operated by the trigger signal from main system and self trigger function is not necessary. It is simply compared with Free Run Mode. (Trigger Pulse Width: about 1 ms TTL signal recommended)

 Two control parts

 - VR1 : Control Ultrasonic Frequency P.T.C (Positive Temperature Coefficient) series resistance can be compensated for temperature.

 - VR2 : Preset of receiver gain. Some case it can be replaced with fixed resistor.

 - Receiver Amplifier Mode (VGA / Non VGA) also can be selected

 - 3 types of receiver signal outputs are available but generally V-pul or T-pul is useful

Specification (One Sensor Transceiver)


ASIC Designed Chip for a Ultrasonic Sensor


Usage : One Sensor Transceiver w/ External Trigger Mode