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Wing flutter is a complex event that arises from a combination of forces. Dynamic, fluid and structural forces all combine to create an unstable reaction. Although not restricted to just wings it is most commonly associated with wings. Due to its highly complex nature it is often misunderstood. It is a type of resonance, when, if the combined forces approach a particular (resonant) frequency, the induced amplitudes grow and can easily cause the wing to break.

The aerofoil suspended on springs within a frame is a NACA 0015 profile. At both ends of the aerofoil are mounting places that allow you to increase the angle of attack. String tethers are in place to limit amplitude during extreme oscillations to protect the aerofoil from damage.

Case Studies

Texas A&M University Zachry Engineering Education Complex

Recently one of the USA’s largest engineering schools, Texas A&M University, invested in a new engineering education complex that would revolutionise the way they teach their 20,000 engineering students. One element of this new complex was a new model for laboratories that would allow them to fully utilise equipment and space by creating “common labs”,  shared facilities within Zachry Engineering Education Complex completed in 2018. The new building was only part of the story; they invested heavily in new teaching equipment to be housed in this facility, including a vast range of practical engineering teaching products from TecQuipment.

Shell Transport Phenomena Laboratory

Valera High Bay Laboratory