• Description

Complete Rotordynamics

This rotor dynamics test rig has been specifically designed to simulate different rotor dynamics phenomena for experimental and educational purposes. With the innovative design of two rotor assemblies connected in series, the customer has more choices in selecting different rotor parameters. Most of the rotor dynamic topics can be simulated and studied with this system.

High Temperature Blade Crack Propagation

This high temperature (1000F), high speed (10000rpm) disk and blade crack propagation test system was designed for NASA to develop new techniques for crack detection of turbine blades and disks.

Turbine Blade Crack Research

This test machine is specifically designed to simulate turbine blade crack and other machinery faults for research and educational purposes. The blade crack diagnosis/prognosis can be studied thoroughly using the wireless strain gauges mounted on the blades.

Modified Machinery Fault Simulator

Even though SpectraQuest’s line of simulators is very versatile, we have modified our standard designs to meet our customer’s specific requirements. In the example shown, a configurable parallel shaft gearbox was added to further study gearbox faults .

Machinery Fault/Gearbox Dynamic Simulator

This simulator is not simply a combination of SpectraQuest’s machinery fault simulator and gearbox dynamics simulator. From the front it may look like a regular machinery fault simulator, however, it is much wider than a regular MFS to accommodate a long belt drive as well as a big gearbox

Transmission Diagnostics/Prognostics Test Rig

This transmission test rig is made for the renowned Alfred Gessow Rotorcraft Center at the University of Maryland for their research in the areas of mechanical transmission health and usage monitoring and gear faults prognostics.

Drive-train/Gearbox Diagnostics/Prognostics Test Rig

This unit was designed for Syncrude oil company, Alberta, to understand gearbox failure of their oil excavation device.

Mechanical Transmission/Gearbox Diagnostics/Prognostics Test Rig

This test rig is a turn-key test rig you can use to study the transmission diagnostics/prognostics and gear dynamics.

Aerodynamics Test Rig

This test machine combines a standard simulator, in this case a MFS Magnum, and a shrouded axial fan. The shroud allows for variable aerodynamic loading of the fan blades. The fan shaft is driven from the MFS rotor shaft and is fitted with an encoder and tachometer. The axial fan is located at the drive train end for easy access. The blade pitch is adjustable and the blades may be instrumented with strain gages.

Twin Rotor Simulator

This unit extends the standard machinery fault simulator into two rotor deck system. It allows user to perform more tests simultaneously, and test on interactions between two rotor systems.