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202305月25 早上 09:30


SmartUQ Workshop: 精準、全面的機器學習軟體,專為工程模擬和數位分身應用設計。


SmartUQ是一款快速、精確和全面的機器學習(ML)軟體工具,專為模擬、數位分身和其他工程應用而設計。 SmartUQ包括最佳的高斯過程(GPML模型,其在培訓速度和預測準確性方面顯著優於競爭對手。





SmartUQ Workshop: Accurate, Comprehensive Machine Learning Software for Engineering

Simulation and Digital Twin Applications.

As part of a growing shift toward digital engineering, simulation and digital twins are widely used by many industries including the electronics, semiconductor, and chemical industries. The benefits of digital engineering include addressing the challenges of complexity and uncertainty, which leads to benefits such as better-informed decision making, more confidence in designs, and more efficient engineering processes. To help address their digital engineering needs, Fortune 100 and 500 companies
across many industries including aerospace, defense, automotive, semiconductor, energy, and medical device are currently using SmartUQ.

SmartUQ is a fast, accurate, and comprehensive Machine Learning (ML) software tool optimally designed for simulation, digital twin, and other engineering applications. SmartUQ includes best in class Gaussian Process (GP) ML models, which significantly outperform the competition in terms of training
speed and predictive accuracy.

During this workshop a SmartUQ Application Engineer will introduce SmartUQ and present customer simulation and digital twin use cases from the semiconductor and electronics industries.

This will be followed by a brief training showing how to use SmartUQ’s most popular ML tools for solving the sorts
of engineering problems presented in the first half of the workshop.

The Workshop will be 90 minutes in total, with 60 minutes of presentation. The remaining 30 minutes will be for audience Q&A both during and at the conclusion of the presentation. Attendees are encouraged to come prepared with any of their own questions on the use of Artificial Intelligence and