• Description


Features and Specifications

  • +/- .08% full scale long term accuracy (3.0 – 500 psid)
  • 8 pressure inputs muxless, or 16 pressure inputs muxed
  • 50kHz scan rate
  • Multiple pressure ranges available
  • Vacuum, 5 inch H20 up to 750 psid pressure range
  • Auto zero offset correction
  • Purge valve incorporated into ZOC17
  • Field replaceable pressure sensors
The ZOC17 electronic pressure scanner is ideal for measuring gas in flight and turbine engine testing applications where ambient temperatures vary. It is also ideal for other industrial pressure
measurement situations where high pressures need to be measured (750 psi max.). The ZOC temperature compensated pressure sensors are more than ten times less sensitive to temperature than typical piezoresistive pressure sensors. They may be mounted in any position, so the units may be installed close to the pressure sources to be measured.When further temperature stability is required, as well as for use below 0°C, it is recommended that the ZOC17 pressure scanner be placed in a thermostatically controlled case, Scanivalve model ZOCTCU.

The Model ZOC17 electronic pressure scanner accepts 8 or 16 pneumatic inputs. Each ZOC17 module incorporates 8 or 16 piezoresistive temperature compensated pressure sensors. These
pressure sensors are manufactured in a vibration resistant can, which makes for easy field replacement, thus minimizing downtime in the event of sensor damage. The ZOC17 electronic pressure scanner also contains a pneumatic calibration valve, a high speed multiplexer (50kHz), and an instrumentation amplifier.Data output is an analog signal +/- -2.5Vdc or +/- 5.0Vdc.
The 8 channel Muxless version output is either mV or Vdc with optional amplifier per channel (APC feature). The integral calibration valve allows the ZOC pressure sensors to be
automatically calibrated on-line. The ZOC17 calibration valve utilizes “Normally Px”